Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chicago Criminal Lawyers' Court Call: 4/12/13

On this day, Raymond G. Wigell and Huma Rashid were in two different courthouses handling two very different matters.

Raymond G. Wigell was in the Cook County Courthouse in Skokie, Illinois, handling a three-count felony Burglary to Auto. Discovery was tendered by the State, and the Defense filed a motion of its own. The matter was continued for a hearing on the motion in one month.

Huma Rashid was in the Cook County Courthouse in Markham, Illinois. Our client is charged with three counts of Unlawful Acquisition of a Controlled Substance, and was scheduled to be arraigned on this date. Huma briefed the client fully as to what an arraignment was and how the client would be admonished and what it all meant. The client was assigned to the trial judge that will hear this matter, and was arraigned before said judge. After the arraignment, Huma filed a Petition for Substitution of Judge, as well as a Motion to Advance, which requests that the Court hear a certain matter before the next scheduled by agreement or by motion date. The matter was advanced for the next week, and on that date, Huma Rashid will return to this courthouse for a hearing on her petition for substitution of judge.

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