Friday, April 19, 2013

Chicago Criminal Lawyers' Court Call: 04/10/2013

On this day, Huma Rashid and Raymond Wigell appeared in different courthouse on several different cases. Due to the heavy case load that was on the criminal court call for this morning, Raymond Wigell was accompanied by the firm's head paralegal, Nicole Dietsch.

Huma Rashid appeared in the Iroquois County Courthouse, located in Watseka, Illinois, to appear on a traffic matter. Our client is a truck driver with a commercial driver's license, and was issued two citations. In negotiations with the State, Huma was able to get the case dismissed with the result of the State's motion to enter nolle prosequi on one citation, and reducing the other citation to a lesser violation. An initial offer was made for 90 days supervision, but Huma was able to reduce that to 60 days. In addition to that, a fine was assessed by the court and the client paid it that day.

Raymond Wigell and Nicole Dietsch appeared on several cases at the Will County Courthouse in Joliet, Illinois.

In the first case, our client is charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. This is the same client we currently represent on an Attempted First Degree Murder case. The matter was continued for a later date.

In the second case, our client is charged with Criminal Sexual Assault. A date was set at which defense counsel would file and argue motions in limine.

In the third case, our client is charged with Possession of Child Pornography. The State asked for a date in order to continue working on the forensics report. It was later determined that the State has a partial forensics report ready, but is evaluating whether or not they want to retrieve a full forensics report on the alleged contraband present on the client's computers.

In our final case, our client is charged with five counts of Possession of Child Pornography and the matter was set for sentencing. On this date, however, the Court and State agreed that it would be prudent to order another Pre-Sentence Investigation report and Sex Evaluation because there was an error/misstatement in the previous report. The matter was continued to a date in May.

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